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We, Bio Technics India are the leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of the BOD Incubator which is designed to maintain at 20°C necessary for Biological Oxygen Demand/ Biochemical Oxygen Demand(BOD) determination. This BOD incubator provides controlled temperature conditions for accelerated tests and exposures.

BOD Incubator is the most flexible and solid low-temperature hatchery.
Hummidity Oven
• Creating ideal conditions for Industrial component/product research and biotechnical specification test.
• Most accurate & reliable chamber for long term high temperature and Rh testing.
• Temperature range 10°C to 60°C with accuracy 1°C. Relative humidity range 35%Rh to 85%Rh with an accuracy 3% Rh.
• A positive straight air circulation ensures temperature and Rh uniformity.
• Digitally set temperature and humidity controller with direct digital readout in temperature and percentage Rh.
• Low-weight heater to produce steam for chamber humidification.
• Well, balanced refrigeration system CFC free.
• Inner S.S. 316, outer S.S. 304.
• The chamber is provided with modular removable shelves made out of S.S. to give complete flexibility in use.
• A key lockable insulated door having positive door gasket seals door consummately.
• Control panel mounted the highest unit.
• It works on 230 volts A.C only.
Standard Sizes Available :

S. No.
Size in Inches (In Cms.)
(H X W X D)
3 Cu. Ft (90 Ltr)
(45 x 45 x 45 Cm.)
6 Cu. Ft (170 Ltr)
(71 x 45 x 45 Cm.)
10 Cu. Ft (170 Ltr)
(85 x 50 x 50 Cm.)
12 Cu. Ft (170 Ltr)
(100 x 90 x 90 Cm.)
12 Cu. Ft (170 Ltr)
(190 x 100 x 100 Cm.)
Optional Accessories :
• For Humidity Up to 98% Rh. Imported Sensor.
• Printer interface facility to connect the printer.
• Pc Connection With Software.


Bio Technics India is the leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of B.O.D. INCUBATOR ( BTI-06 ) which is designed especially Biological Oxyzen Demand Determination and other application like general incubation, serum studies and enzyme assays tests.
BOD Incubator

• Castor wheel mounted cabinet is double walled.
• Inner chamber made of aluminum/ S.S. outer chamber made of M.S. with powder coating.
• Full-length internal glass/acrylic entryway licenses assessment of examples without aggravating the temperature.
• Temperature controlled by a digital temperature controller cum indicator. temperature range 5C to 50C with an accuracy of 0.5C.
• This unit is fitted with a door operated illumination lamp inside the chamber.
• Equipped with a hermetically sealed compressor.
• Air circulation fan for maintaining temp. uniformity Through Out The Chamber.
• The flush fitting insulated double walled door has a magnetic gasket.
• The chamber is provided with modular removable shelves which are made of stainless steel for complete flexibility in used.
• The inner chamber is fitted with refrigeration evaporator, heater and air circulator for creating positive.
• Airflow throughout the inner chamber for temp. uniformity.
• To work at 230v A.C. only.
S. No.
Size in Inches (In Cms.)
(H X W X D)
3 Cu. Ft (90 Ltr)
(45 x 38 x 56 Cm.)
6 Cu. Ft (170 Ltr)
(83 x 50 x 40 Cm.)
10 Cu. Ft (170 Ltr)
(87 x 57 x 75 Cm.)
12 Cu. Ft (170 Ltr)
(95 x 60 x 75 Cm.)
Double walled construction totally made of Stainless steel inner of 316 mirrors finished and exterior matt of 304 finished. The gap between the two walls I.e filled with glass wool insulation. Cooling is by the hermetically sealed compressor with CFC free refrigerator Temperature controlled by microprocessor based digital temp controlled with sensor Supplied with S.S.shelves. Temperature Range: 5°c to 60°c Accuracy 0.5°c


No.of selves

Internal Dimensions ( W x D x H) )

3 cu ft

90 Ltr



6 Cu ft

170 Ltr



10 Cu ft

280 Ltr



12 Cu ft

330 Ltr




Optional Accessories :-

• Illumination by fluorescent tube 2 Nos Rs.1800/-
• Cyclic digital timer for fluorescent tube Rs.4200/-
• Rs232 interface with software for computer connection (upto8chammels): Price on request
• Data logging with printing arrangement (upto8chammels): Price as per requirement
• Rs485 for multiple units operating: Price as per requirement.

Supplied without computer and printer


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